Earths Energy

Providing Energy to the Earth

In November 2015, the Alberta Government announced the Alberta Climate Leadership Action Plan.  This policy will see over 6,200 megawatts (MW) of coal fired power plants shutdown before the year 2030. Currently Alberta produces over 51% of Alberta’s  power through coal. Through Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan

approximately 6,267 (MW) of power will need to be replaced.  As of June 2016 there are 79 renewable energy projects proposed in Alberta, this  represents over 12,000 (MW) of new power.

With Earths Energy's licensed Thermal Electric Generators, it is now possible to generate clean power that is economical. 

Earths Energy`s licensed Thermal Electric Generators provide clean/renewable power at a total cost equivalent to power generated by coal. 

Earths Energy`s mission is to provide clean renewable power generation to the world.

Imagine a world where all you needed was heat to produce power.  With Earths Energy’s licensed solid state thermal electric generators we can now produce electricity directly from low-grade heat sources.

In the past, power generating technologies were based on the binary system; steam turns a generator and produces power. Without steam there was no power. Earths Energy’s licensed technological breakthrough now provides us the ability to generate electricity directly from hot water, without the need for steam.

In Alberta there are over 450,000 oil wells drilled, of these over 80,000 wells are non-producing or abandoned. In 2016 it was estimated that it would cost over 26 Billion dollars to reclaim the oil wells drilled in Alberta alone. With our licensed Thermal Electric Generators, we now able to convert these oil wells directly into geothermal power, providing sustainable power to Alberta for generations to come.

Earths Energy’s goal is to build Albert's first commercial, economically viable, geothermal plant.